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Jun 9, 2017

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New Posts
  • kasigo2526
    Apr 2, 2018

    Hello, As its coming up to the summer its getting nearer that time of year when you can go topless, but unless your smooth without lots of hairs, it looks un cool on most people and unattractive i think. For those of you with a hairy chest, do you ever wish yours was smooth? Or do you like yours how it is??? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/24345/do-you-think-your-chest-is-too-hairy Smart contract technology example Thanks!
  • kasigo2526
    Mar 12, 2018

    Hi there. Glad we could get together and talk about ice cream, a year-round dessert sold by our supermarkets. A few people churn it as we did in the good old days. Let’s take a look at how we made ice cream. Ice cream brings memories of old things like rain barrels, ice houses, outhouses and cellar doors. Outhouses were common before indoor bathrooms where people went to the toilet. Bear with me as I write of the good old days when all things were not so great. Older folks may recall rain barrels that caught water from roof downspouts that contained soft rain water to wash hair. Access to basements was eased by cellar doors that led to basements in the good old days. But let’s concentrate on ice cream – a tastier subject. In my hometown of Shelby, Nebraska, an ice pond supplied ice before refrigerators were invented. Some farms had similar storage ice houses. See collage of common objects of yesteryear. A mixture of milk, cream and vanilla were included in the recipe of homemade ice cream. But recipes varied. The ingredients were placed in a container which also held paddles. When placed inside the churn, ice and rock salt surrounded the container, and created the cold necessary to freeze the ice cream. It took a lot of cranking on a handle that turned the container, and it got harder to turn as the ice cream froze. Today, electric motors often replace hand cranks. Maybe the hand-cranked ice cream tasted so good because of the physical effort required for creating it. Friskie, our dog, is too young to remember the past as older people do. But she likes ice cream just as much as we humans. You may remember lyrics of one of many versions of a song that went something like this: “Shout down my rain barrel, slide down my cellar door and we’ll be jolly friends for evermore.” Friskie just joined me as I finished writing. Using her paws, she fixed the shag carpet in my den just right to suit her. Spring is just a few weeks away. We look forward to perennials bursting from the ground where they have been asleep during winter. Our planting of annuals will likely follow usual patterns, but this year we’ll need more help. Have a great week! For More You Can Check: Corporate Video Pricing
  • kasigo2526
    Feb 19, 2018

    Hello, It's it possible to write a program, that when installed on an SD card, it would read the phone's imei number? So that if the number doesn't match anything on the program's whitelist, it uses the phone's locator to send out a signal to be found and retrieved? Thanks For More You Can Check: Campus Management Solution Video